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Want To Get Your Writing Featured On An Award Winning Travel Blog?

This blog has been awarded and recognised as one of the top 200 travel blogs on the internet. It has also been featured on a number of publications and sites around the web and you can find the details of that over here.

If you’re a great travel writer and want to get in front of a growing audience of fellow travel addicts, I’d love to host you here on the blog!

Guest posts are considered ONLY from bloggers and other aspiring travel writers. Guest posts for SEO reasons that contain links to commercial websites or businesses will not be considered. If you’re a business, please see here for advertising opportunities.

What Do You Need To Do?

Every piece of content published here is held to the highest possible standards. And that includes guest posts.

My readers expect quality, reliable and actionable advice and information.

Here’s some guidelines to keep in mind that should help get you off on the right tracks when you’re pitching/writing content:

  1. Your post should be helpful in some way. Aim to answer a question or solve a problem.
  2. Guides or roundup post formats are also welcome, but they MUST be in-depth and highly informative and offer something different to what’s already out there. If you’re just going to rewrite a basic city guide then forget it. They’ve all been done a million times before. Add some value, do something different.
  3. Back up your facts and if you found other useful websites while researching for your post – link to them. The content I publish on here is all about helping people find cool info on great places.
  4. Include images wherever appropriate.
  5. Don’t pitch me or send me something on a place you’ve never been to. Trust me, I’ll know ๐Ÿ˜‰

Writing Guidelines

  1. Your writing should be casual and conversational, yet informative in it’s content.
  2. Be yourself! Imagine you’re talking to a friend. Just go with it. Have fun with your writing and let your personality show.
  3. No formal business tones or boring marketing speak.
  4. There’s no minimum word count.

Still keen?

Awesome. Head over here and shoot me a message.

Remember to include:

  1. Some quick background about yourself.
  2. Links to any previous posts you’ve written.
  3. Your potential article idea(s).
  4. If you’ve already written the article, send that too.

Good luck!