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Monthly Traffic, Growth And Travel Update – July 2017

travel blogging update july 2016

This is the 3rd monthly post in the Growth Report series.    This month saw me blogging my way through 2 countries. I started out the month on a small island just off the coast of Honduras called Utila, before gradually making my way into Nicaragua, which is where I spent the bulk of the […]

Monthly Traffic, Growth and Travel Update – June 2017

opening birthday cards in Belize

This is the 2nd monthly post in the Growth Reports series.   It’s been another very busy month, and a bit of a mixed bag for the blog. I ended up taking a week offline due to some travel plans that left me in the middle of a jungle with no wifi for 7 days […]

Monthly Traffic, Growth And Travel Update – May 2017

May Traffic Overview

I’ve seen bloggers in a few different industries running features like this, and I’ve always found it interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes and hear about what they’re doing to grow their bogs. You can get some really good incites into what’s working and what isn’t, get great ideas for strategies and […]

Every Possible Way To Make Money Travel Blogging – My Definitive Guide To Profitability

Working From The Beach In Koh Tao Thailand

I’m always surprised at just how many travel bloggers struggle to make any real money. A lot of the times it’s not because their blogs aren’t good enough or they’re not trying hard enough. I know so many great bloggers who spend heaps of time working on their blogs, but to no avail. Or they’ll […]

5 Mistakes Every New Travel Blogger Makes

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There’s a lot to think about when you’re starting a new blog. I know, because I’m going through that process at the moment. Over the last month or so, I’ve put a lot of thought and planning into every aspect of this blog to make sure it’s a success. So I thought I’d share some […]