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Top advice on building a travel blog and making it a success.

The Many Different Hats You’ll Need To Wear To Make It As A Travel Blogger

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Yesterday I spent 3 hours playing around with structured data, trying to help Google understand that Matt Burns the actor and Matt Burns the writer are two entirely different people. That led me down a technical rabbit hole and before I knew it I was half an hour deep trying to edit a new logo. How’s that for a glimpse into the life of a travel blogger?

Monthly Traffic, Growth And Travel Update – July 2017

travel blogging update july 2016

This is the 3rd monthly post in the Growth Report series.┬áThis month saw me blogging my way through 2 countries. Find out what I’ve been doing and how the blog has grown 48% month on month.

Monthly Traffic, Growth and Travel Update – June 2017

opening birthday cards in Belize

This is the 2nd monthly post in the Growth Reports series. Take a peak behind the scenes and what I’ve done to grow subscribers by 54% month on month.

Monthly Traffic, Growth And Travel Update – May 2017

May Traffic Overview

This is the 1st in a monthly Traffic, Growth & Travel Update series as part of the Travel Blogging Experiment, where I lay out step by step what I’ve been doing behind the scenes to build a successful travel blog.

Every Possible Way To Make Money Travel Blogging – My Definitive Guide To Profitability

Working From The Beach In Koh Tao Thailand

Wondering how to make money travel blogging? This definitive list of ways to start making a living as a digital nomad has something for everyone.

5 Mistakes Every New Travel Blogger Makes

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Don’t start your travel blog until you’ve read these 5 common travel blogging mistakes and how to avoid them.