Central America

OK San Juan Del Sur, You Win

stormy sunsets from the kitchen in buena onda san juan del sur

A little while ago, I did a bad thing. It was a major travel no no. The worst bit was, I knew I shouldn’t be doing it. I knew because I’d been caught out doing it before. Which makes me double wrong for doing it again. It’s something I always try not to do. But […]

The 5 Independent Websites and Resources You Need To Make Your Central America Trip Easy

belize bus blog timetables

These 5 websites will make your time in Central America a breeze. Get all the insider info you need on bus times and prices, accommodation and what to do.

Why Leon Gets My Vote For The Most Livable Place In Central America

Rush hour in Leon

Ahhh…Leon. Little, perfect, Leon. Land of the volcanoes, land of the liberals. This university town is home to many famous Nicaraguan poets, countless students and a small but growing population of savvy expats. It’s a fiercely independent city, out there doing it’s own thing in a true Leon way. And as far as Central America […]

How To Travel From Placencia, Belize To Utila, Honduras Without Going Crazy

Making our first ever border crossing by boat, from Belize to Honduras

I was undecided for a while about whether to write a post about this or not. It’s not the sort of thing I usually write. It’s very niche, very specific, and a fairly information packed and intense read. I know, I’m really selling this one aren’t I? But if you’re looking for ways to get […]

Why you shouldn’t skip Belize just because everyone tells you it’s too expensive

todays specials in lobster season

I’m calling BS on every time anyone has ever said that Belize is too expensive. We heard this from so many people in so many places when we were planning our Central America trip. To the point where we were even considering skipping Belize altogether. In the end, as part of our strategy for coping […]

Surviving Central America In The Rainy Season

you gotta love rainy season in central america

Rain sucks. It’s the only type of weather where you can’t go out and do something fun as a result. In fact, it’s the only real weather type that’s capable of stopping you from going out and doing something fun. When we made our last minute decision to travel Central America for 3 months, rain […]

8 Things You Should Probably Know About Guatemala Before You Come Here

going back to school learning spanish in xela guatemala

The Showers Are All Out To Kill You The guy who designed the electric shower system used throughout Guatemala, is a raving lunatic. There’s no other way to describe it. I once stayed at a place when I was in Lake Atitlan that had 2 plug sockets IN THE SHOWER! Who’s using those?!? My 2nd […]

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala – How To Spend A Week (or longer)

view of lake atitlan at sunrise

Lake Atitlan is the sort of place you plan to spend a couple of days in on your Central America trip. Then you wake up 2 weeks later, and you’re still there. It’s just that kinda place. This alpine lake is nestled 1,562m above sea level in a gigantic old volcanic crater. In it’s deepest […]

Hiking Acatenango, Antigua Guatemala – Everything You Need To Know

view of Agua from half way up Acatenago

Antigua is an old colonial town, sitting in the shadows of 3 surrounding volcanoes that dominate the surrounding landscape. Two of these volcanoes in particular, sit very close together. They’re similar in size and height, but they differ in one key way… Only one of them is dormant. The other one, Volcano Fuego, is the […]