Monthly Traffic, Growth And Travel Update – July 2017

travel blogging update july 2016

This is the 3rd monthly post in the Growth Report series. This month saw me blogging my way through 2 countries. Find out what I’ve been doing and how the blog has grown 48% month on month.

Why Leon Gets My Vote For The Most Livable Place In Central America

Rush hour in Leon

Ahhh…Leon. Little, perfect, Leon. Land of the volcanoes, land of the liberals! This insanely cheap, perfectly located city is an easy hop away from great hikes, an awesome surf beach and is jam packed with interesting and exciting stuff to do and explore. Here’s my pick of the best things to do in Leon.

5 Short Day Walks That’ll Make You Want To Visit New Zealand

taking a dip in lake Tarawera - that perfect spot where natural hot springs meet the cool waters of the lake

Only in New Zealand could you bathe in a natural hot spring one day, and marvel at towering glaciers the next. Mountains, forest, beaches…this relatively small country has it all. Here’s my pick of 5 of the best short day hikes New Zealand has to offer.

How To Travel From Placencia, Belize To Utila, Honduras Without Going Crazy

Making our first ever border crossing by boat, from Belize to Honduras

Here’s my step by step, easy to follow guide on how to travel from Placencia in Belize to Utila Honduras. This 2 day journey involves busses, boats and a several boarder crossings, and was the first time I’ve entered a new country by water.

Why you shouldn’t skip Belize just because everyone tells you it’s too expensive

todays specials in lobster season

I’m calling BS on every time anyone has ever said that Belize is too expensive. Here’s my guide to travelling Belize on a budget.

Surviving Central America In The Rainy Season

you gotta love rainy season in central america

Central America in rainy season isn’t all doom and gloom. There are some great advantages to it too. Things are quieter, greener and cheaper. You just need to know how to deal with it. Here are my tips for travelling Central America in the rainy season.

Monthly Traffic, Growth and Travel Update – June 2017

opening birthday cards in Belize

This is the 2nd monthly post in the Growth Reports series. Take a peak behind the scenes and what I’ve done to grow subscribers by 54% month on month.

11 Things To Do In Wanaka That Aren’t Puzzling World

bike along the clutha river in autumn

Need some ideas for things to do in Wanaka that aren’t Puzzling World? Here’s 11 of the very best.

8 Things You Should Probably Know About Guatemala Before You Come Here

going back to school learning spanish in xela guatemala

From electrocuting showers, to a surprising lack of great coffee. Guatemala is a country full of the unexpected. Here’s what you need to know before you travel Guatemala.