Hiking An Active Volcano In Nicaragua (plus a complete guide to Ometepe Island)

When we hiked the dormant Acatenango Volcano in neighbouring Guatemala, it was one of our highlights of our entire time in Central America. Now it was time to step things up a notch…

Top US National Parks To Visit In 2018

Yellowstone - stunning rainbow colors of the many springs

There are 58 National Parks in America, spread across 27 different states. Each year, over 330 million people come to visit Americas National Parks. But with so many to choose from and so much to see, which ones are the best National Parks to visit in 2018? Here’s our pick of the best…

The Many Different Hats You’ll Need To Wear To Make It As A Travel Blogger

coffee on the beach

Yesterday I spent 3 hours playing around with structured data, trying to help Google understand that Matt Burns the actor and Matt Burns the writer are two entirely different people. That led me down a technical rabbit hole and before I knew it I was half an hour deep trying to edit a new logo. How’s that for a glimpse into the life of a travel blogger?

Hiking To A Natural Hot Pool In New Zealand’s Southern Alps

The Copland River leading up the valley towards Welcome Flat

Nestled into the side of the Southern Alps, lies the best natural hot tub you’ve ever seen. The entry fee is paid in hours hiked, as the only way to access this hidden natural beauty is via a deceptively gruelling 18km walking track. But it’s well worth the effort…

Hiking The Grand Canyon – Rim To River To Rim Again In One Day

After a long hike we finally get to dip our toes in the Colorado River

Want to hike the Grand Canyon down and up in one day? We recently did exactly that! Here’s all the info you need. Maps, logisitics and answers to all your hiking questions.

11+ Road Trip Gear Essentials – An Adventurers Ultimate Car Camping Packing List

Essential Roadtrip Gear Packing List

The wind in your hair, the sun in your face and the sand between your toes. There’s absolutely nothing like a great road trip. Aside from the standard Springsteen album and beer cooler, here’s my low-down on the essential road trip gear for your next adventure!

OK San Juan Del Sur, You Win

stormy sunsets from the kitchen in buena onda san juan del sur

Think San Juan Del Sur is all beach and party? Think again. This beautiful little coastal surf town has completely won me over. Here’s why…

The 5 Independent Websites and Resources You Need To Make Your Central America Trip Easy

belize bus blog timetables

These 5 websites will make your time in Central America a breeze. Get all the insider info you need on bus times and prices, accommodation and what to do.

How To Use Airbnb For Budget Travel

cheap aibnb rooms on ometepe island

Over the years, I’ve met some of my best friends in hostel dorm rooms. But every now and again, we all need a little time out. Here’s how you can use Airbnb to find budget friendly accommodation – often for the same price as a hostel!